Allergies and Fertility

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Allergies and Fertility

Allergies are increasing in the last decades with high prevalence all over the world. Many factors can contribute to allergies, called allergens, triggering an immune response against bodies that are not considered dangerous. Allergies have different forms, such as rhinitis, atopic asthma, atopic dermatitis (skin reaction), bronchitis… that sometimes can affect the daily life of the individual. 

Cases of infertility were being shown to also increase, and one may assume that there might be a relation between allergies and infertility. 

Dust mites are known as allergens, as the mite itself, produced proteins, and feces can trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate underlying asthma (due to several biological mechanisms). 

In a study conducted on the impact of allergies on fertility, results showed that women with some allergies presented more fertility than the normal group. However, these allergies had an impact on time to pregnancy and led to dysregulated menstruation (indirect effect). 

Furthermore, asthma in women may have an impact on fertility, since it will disregualte menstruation, and that may be due to medications. In addition, endometriotic women (presence of the uterus outside the normal cavity) were seen to be more allergic compared to women with no endometriosis. 

Studies determined that there might be a correlation between allergic reactions, time to pregnancy, and irregular menstruation. However, no significant correlation was found between allergies and fertility rates. 

Boys are more susceptible to allergens in young ages (pets, dust mites, activities…) but the prevalence decrease with age in contrast to women where allergies prevalence increased with age. 

Although no significant results were found to associate asthma directly to infertility, some studies have shown that women with asthma (and a perennial allergy) needed treatment to conceive.

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