Who Uses Sanondaf 

Nurseries, Crèche facilities, Pre & After School Clubs and Soft Play centres all have similarities in the number of small children learning and playing in close proximity to each other throughout the day. It’s a constant concern for the facility, and parents/carers that kids can easily pick up and transmit harmful viruses such as Flu, Norovirus or worse.

The Sanondaf Advanced Infection Prevention and Control process is perfect as a preventative measure against the risks presented by infection from cross contamination, and can be used in every area & setting, including:

  • Play Rooms / Indoor & Outdoor Activity Areas / Baby Rooms
  • All Toys – including electrical items, books, ball pits
  • All Equipment – including prams, cots, high chairs
  • All Computers / Tablets / Keyboards & Mice / Phones
  • Eating & Sleeping Areas / Toilet & Washing Areas / Changing Areas
  • Staff Rooms / Manager’s Offices / Kitchen & Laundry facilities
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